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What's New for January?

It's Sausage Time at City Meat Market !

City Meat Market is sausage central this month, with all the supplies and advice you need to make mouth watering sausage right in your own kitchen.

Grinding your own?

No problem, we have all the essentials

  • Fresh meat arriving daily
  • Casings in a variety of sizes
  • Choice of City Meat spices


We grind - you stuff?

We do the work - you stuff

Sausage mix prepared in store
Just 2.99/pound

*Curing salt added at no extra charge


Have your own spice mix? We will add for you.


Drop in, call or email our sausage experts for more details and be sure to share with family and friends.



Lake Superior Maple Syrup

Barry Henson grew up on a farm in Northern Ontario where, every spring, the family would tap trees and make maple syrup. Barry passed on his love for the forest and trees to his children and from this love Superior Maple Syrup was born.The Henson's are thrilled to share their syrup with you.

Fresh Local Produce

We stock fresh local produce throughout the summer. Stop by the store and see what's available this week.

Fresh Local Fish

The nets are back in the water and fresh local Whitefish and Lake Trout are arriving weekly. Baked, fried, or planked on the grill, you can’t beat the mouth watering flavour of our fresh fish.


Kawartha Dairy Company

Time To Talk Turkey

Rolled Turkey - Stuffed and Seasoned (#1 customer choice)
Rolled turkey – Regular (no stuffing or seasoning)
*With all rolled turkeys you will receive the bones conveniently packaged and ready for soup. City Meat Market carries a full line of spices and produce to compliment your soup or stock.

Smoked Fish

Surprise your guests with a selection of hand smoked local Whitefish and Lake Trout. The flavour is amazing.

Penokean Farms Beef Now Available

City Meat Market is now offering high quality local beef supplied by a collective of farmers under the label Penokean Hills Farms. The group produces grass-fed, pastured, antibiotic-free, human growth hormone free and corn-free beef. Drop down to our store and let John or Jamie show you the selection

Kawartha Dairy Company

Premium Ice Cream Is Here

City Meat Market is now offering premium ice cream from The Kawartha Dairy Company. This delicious ice cream is made the old fashioned way with fresh milk and real cream, using 100% Canadian dairy ingredients. Flavours come in 1.5 litre containers and include pralines and cream, vanilla, maple walnut, cookies and cream, strawberry, chocolate, sherbet, moose track and heavenly hash.

Local Chickens Available

Treat your family to the suburb taste and nutritional value of fresh locally raised chicken. Weights average 4-7 pounds, offering a variety of sizes to match your family or event requirements.

Fresh Produce2

City Meat Market Recipes

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